1of3, or the Birth of Hitler!

Knien vor Zod!

So today marks the 6th successful year my son has avoided sentencing for his war crimes angainst his brother. Being six means that everyone must do what you want to do all day, or you will morph into a 13 yr old brooding goth boy. LOL He was SOOOOOOO cute.

He wanted his way all day. I know I do on my B-Day, but he was hanging out with an 9 year old who believes that everyday is her birthday, soooooo.

I live in a 3rd world country. Some of the highest murder rates in the country, some of the worst schools, and is very seldom beat out for a top 10 spot of worse places to raise your children in the US. That said, it is a lot better than it use to be and I am not displeased with it. The whole point was to point out the one real good thing it has going for it, the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. This event is pretty damn cool.

See Darth Vader Balloon?! Yeah, it's that cool.

See all the cool balloons!!! Well we did at 5:30 am, right after I went to bed at 3 am, man getting up sucked. Though seeing the glow below:

somehow makes it all better. They do a dawn glow to light up the field with thousands of balloons. This was what 1of3 wanted first today, then off to Hinkle Family Fun center. ( Spell check thinks it should be Tinkle)

Imagine if Dave and Buster did crack, you would end up with Hinkle. It's not a bad place, but it's a touch ghetto. It was super fun for the kids though; go-cart races, Mcdonalds playland type thing, mini-golf, water cars with water cannons (these rock), and a rock climbing wall. Super fun.

Then off to Nana's to visit the model train exhibit down the street.

We then had a get together at the house with Mac and Cheese and fried apples. This was also super!

I will get some pictures up later.

(That top sentance says "Kneel before Zod!" in German.)


Jonathan Price said...

Great glodeo pix...and good idea for a blog, in general.



Tina said...

I love all the beautiful pictures you posted of the balloon fiesta. I was so excited that the Darth Vader balloon was going to take flight this year. But...didn't get up early enough to see it.

I also like your Blog title 'The Sins of a Father'. My blog theme this semester is along the same lines...things I happen upon in parenting my toddlers.

Great posts!